PLATINUM AI art creator




He started his AI art activities in December 2022, using geisha as a motif, and has established his own style, attracting attention with kawaii_geisha and pop_geisha.

He is also a popular AI creator who has been generating secondary distribution of his collections.

He has about 8,000 followers on Twitter (as of 2023/09/29)!

He has been interacting with many people in various fields on Twitter, and has been doing many give-aways and free mints. He has a very kind side, supporting those whose accounts have been hacked or frozen.

She is also very active with AI artists and collaborated with Prue,
She has also collaborated with Prue in the “cute geisha x dragon descendant tete_Prue_collaboration”.

Recently, she has been exploring new directions with new series such as dark_Tiara, cigarette_girl, and pop_monster.

To learn more about her work, please follow her on Twitter, Discord, or visit her collection page on OpenSea.

Village Vanguard on official Twitter

Tete was introduced on Village Vanguard’s official Twitter (220,000 followers). Tete’s name has become popular among the general public. The birth of the “Tete in the world” may be near.

BLOG Link👉

New attempt “Collaboration with actual stores

We also take on new challenges! We collaborated with “Saga Ghibier” (@takuma_gibier ), a company that manufactures and sells gibier pet food with a real store, and conducted a FreeMint (present) project for the following works. The collaboration contributed to an increase in the number of followers of Sagazivier, and they were very pleased with the results. You may feel free to discuss collaboration requests ⭐.

Application and Exhibit at the Event

We have been successfully applied and selected to exhibit in the AR exhibit at DART’s x NFT COLOR NEXT NFT LAB in Shibuya on September 30, 2023. We expect further success with exposure at physical events!

We look forward to seeing more of her work in the future! To learn more about her work, follow her on Twitter, Discord, or visit her OpenSea collection page.


New collection “japonica” added at ShinoVi

kawaii_geisha | OpenSea

The collection is derived from geisha_girl’s concept of [traditional Japanese beauty] ✨…