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We appreciate the cooperation of Thanks (@Thankful555) and Koro (@KoroVRM)for their comments on the publication of illustration submission site creators, as “bias in knowledge” and “lack of information” can occur.

Hakushi’s Attraction

We asked them about Hakushi’s appeal!


his is Koro(@KoroVRM)of DisabilityLog 🐰❤
We bring you the charm of Fantasista’s Hakushi-sama in the style of an article 🖼.

Dreamy bubbles and shadows, soul in the touch of a brush: Mr. Hakushi of AI illustrator Fantasista

Delicate colors, overwhelming power of expression, and an original worldview that dazzles the viewer. AI illustrator Hakushi’s works instantly captivate the viewer’s heart. A fantastical world unfolds, as if lost in a dream.

🌌Life breathes in his strokes.
Hakushi’s works are painted with meticulous attention to detail. Facial expressions, gestures, the texture of hair and clothing…everything is so lifelike that you feel as if you are there.

🌌Stories that move the heart
Hakushi’s works are not only beautiful, but also have the power to appeal to the viewer’s heart. This is because they convey the feelings that are put into the work.

🌌Collaboration of dreams
The NFT novel “Natsuyumu Kanon,” created through the collaboration between Hakushi-sama and myself, is a touching work that combines AI illustrations and an AI novel story.


❤Attractiveness of Hakushi’s work
The charm of Hakushi’s works can be summarized in the following three points. The fact that Mr. Hakushi, whom I adore, drew fan art of my child “Koro-chan” was like a dream come true for me.
The illustration drawn by Ms. Hakushi is an irreplaceable treasure for me.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Hakushi for working with us to create such a miraculous work of art. Thank you for giving us a good opportunity to look back on our wonderful memories. I look forward to seeing more of Hakushi’s work in the future.


● Favorite point
Mr. hakushi has opened up the field of “precision AI art” in the world of AIart and NFT. I think this work is symbolic of that. The detailed and beautifully drawn, unified composition, coloring, and characters, as well as the eye-catching beauty of the work, move me every time I see it.

●My favorite work
LABO 3rd Series Tour of Precision AI Art [016].


Both of you have interacted with Hakushi-san, and Hakushi-san has created fan art for Koro-san, and Sunkus-san has also interacted with Hakushi-san within the discord.

Thank you, Koro and Sunkus, for your cooperation.


Hakushi started his NFT activities in January 2022. In the beginning, he supported individual creators and did publicity activities in X as a publicity slot, as well as Twitter space distribution.

In January 2023, he started listing on OpenSea.

From the very beginning when we started, we were generating high quality AI and attracted a lot of people.


He has since started creating fan art and collaborating with various people, including a collaboration project between Koro’s AI novel “Natsuyume (Kanon)” and AI illustrations, and a collaboration with Kagura Yosakoi Girl to create “AI Generative Fan Art (artwork sent to crowdfunding supporters)”. Hakushi also collaborated with Kagura Yosakoi Girl to create “AI Generative Fan Art (works to be sent to crowdfunding supporters)”.

Mr. Hakushi said that this collaboration has greatly improved his AI generation technology, “Without Kagura Yosakoi Girl, I wouldn’t have the technology I have now. I am truly grateful and will never forget this favor. Thank you very much. He commented, “I am truly grateful to Kagura Yosakoi Girl.

In addition, he participated in the Crypto Ninja fan art contest, and his activities have been diverse. He continued his exploration of AI art and presented an overwhelmingly beautiful world view of writing.
Hakushi’s art has established itself as synonymous with writing and high quality.


2023年秋のCrypto Ninjaファンアートコンテストの作品

Open Discord and provide technology

Fantasista (AI Art) technology provided

In December 2022, Hakushi opened a Discord for his valued supporters to start a community and interact with collectors.
In June 2023, he will open a Discord to share his expertise in the production of “Fantasista” for his own collection and begin to provide technical assistance.
He has established a system whereby the know-how can be obtained by purchasing the relevant NFTs, and he also offers his techniques through various means, such as publishing a paid magazine on NOTE. He provides information daily to those who want to learn AI illustration.

Hakushi quit one of his jobs to spread the word about AI art techniques, allowing him time to get serious about AI generation, and he has been working extensively on AI illustration generation as his day job. His determination is amazing, and he is working daily to spread the use of AI generation and to be a driving force at the forefront of AI art, which is evolving day by day.


One AI Art NFT traded at 1 ETH!

In September 2023, a single NFT of “[Royal collection] – Twelve extreme colors” was traded for 1 ETH (about 300,000 yen) and became a hot topic. As an AI illustration that was given utility, the NFT must have been worth 1 ETH because it was filled with Hakushi’s technical know-how accumulated over 9 months. Considering this, it is said to be very reasonable.


[Royal collection] -Juni-hitoe, extreme colors.

A closer look at the real face of Mr. Hakushi

Hakushi entered the 2020 Corona Disaster by starting a problem-solving channel on YouTube where he teaches math. Hakushi is a very good teacher and a great educator.

In addition, Hakushi has a wide range of interests and says, “I have so many things I want to do, but my body can’t keep up. I want three of my own! At the end of November 2021, he joined Ninja DAO and participated in the “Ninja Terakoya Project” to build a school (free school) in the Metaverse.

Today, the school provides a place to improve AI art skills, education, and study, and is having a significant impact on the revitalization of AI art.


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