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Rico-nico NFT is a fusion of my children’s drawings and Ai art. The motif of my work is based on the unlimited creativity of children and endless flower gardens and fields. Smile is also the theme😃I hope to make you smile.



Hello, my name is Mokichi. I am managing this site.

I was exposed to NFT last October and became interested in AI art. After that, I added the viewpoint of preservation of children’s drawings and started to sell a collection called “Rico-nico NFT” in December.

This collection was started not only for the preservation of the paintings, but also to help children acquire earning power in the web3 era and in the future, when new professions will be created more and more. For example, by introducing children to the professions that are about to be created, such as architects in games and designers in virtual spaces, we hope to teach them about the possibilities of new ways of working.

We will give 100% of the proceeds from this NFT to the children, and we would appreciate your help.

To learn more about our work, please follow us on Twitter, Discord, or visit our OpenSea collection page.