About Creator Catalog

AIAC NFT CREATOR CATALOG is a website to introduce AI art creators and individual NFT creators.

We created this web catalog for creators to let people know about their works and for those who are looking for NFT art to support their purchases.

Links to the site are obtained from information provided by the creators themselves, so you can use the site with peace of mind.

AIAC Activities

ALAC supports AI art and illustration artists who are active in the NFT.

AIAC has three meanings.

  • Artist & Illustrator Assistant Community
  • AI Art Creator
  • An Illust Art Creator

AIAC is a community of creators who use NFT.

Problems faced by AI creators

The problems faced by AI art creators include the following.

AI draws pictures so anyone can become a creator

The above artwork is an image I created with midjany.

AI art is sometimes judged as “worthless” because anyone can easily create a picture of high quality work.

However, AI generation requires a code trial-and-error process called a spell, and thousands of images are generated and carefully selected to create a work of art. Many people are also unaware of the software usage fees and other production costs involved.

Rampant creators

AI generation software is improving, and the level of creators and the number of people selling AI is increasing due to the sharing of code release sites and generation methods, making differentiation difficult.

Lack of originality

Because the same AI software and models are used, it is difficult for individual creators to express their originality, and their styles may become similar.

We have seen repeated trial and error in order to bring out originality.

Illustrator’s concerns

Anyone can enter the market

Because anyone can create and sell NFT, competition is becoming fierce as the number of creators increases. Everyone creates unique illustrations, but as new creators enter the market, they may end up competing for customers in the NFT industry, where the market size is small.

advertising problem

As a matter of fact, advertising is one of the problems. There is no point in producing good work if it does not reach your customers. You can do your own advertising, but the trade-off is that you will not be able to spend as much time on production.

Community Management

Running a community can be time-consuming. This means that a lot of time and effort is required to manage the community, including interacting with fans and presenting new works.

AIAC’s form of support

Many NFT creators are still working on the side and need your support. There are many who would like to create works together with you.

AIAC would like to work to build a bridge between supporters x creators as follows.

Support for raising awareness

By publishing catalogs (portfolios) introducing creators on our website, we will help increase the visibility of their works and authors.

We aim to improve the value of NFT by increasing the number of people who know and support us.

Future activities (contents in preparation)

Certification of Continuity and Trust

Continuity leads to credibility. Continuous PR can create harmony with the public and culture. We introduce only those who are currently active on our website, and we issue “Certified NFT” to creators to help improve their credibility.

Distribution of certified SBTs for creators

We will issue a certified SBT “Ai (ai)”. The certificate, which cannot be bought or sold, will be used and distributed to creators.

Improvement of community strength

We aim to form a community that will help boost the AI art world. By forming a participatory community, we can increase the number of supporters who “nurture artworks together”.

Provision of community and management tools

Discord installation, BOT functionality installed, wallet connection setup, tool lending AL form, know-how on discord installation, open sea customer management, how to make a mint site.

About Advertisements

We are committed to creating a site that does not include GoogleAdSense or other affiliate advertisements that do not match the content of the site.

We do place some affiliate advertisements that we believe will be beneficial to our users to fund our operations.


AIAC NFT CREATOR CATALOG is a website to introduce individual creators and AI ART creators who are active in NFT.

The purpose of the site is to make individual creators widely known and to provide support for them.

I also hope to support those who purchase NFT.

I am very interested in the works of creators and sincerely support the development of NFT.

I hope you will take the time to browse the NFT Creator’s Catalog.



My name is “Mokichi” and I am in charge of this site!

I am a web3 uncle who likes to try new things and recently I have been obsessed with NFT collection and production.

In real life, I am a father of two children living in Tokyo.

I am also a twitter user to provide information related to NFT and to support other clay artists.