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SakuraKimonoGirls is an NFT collection based on the concept of cherry blossoms and kimonos, with wide type images, unlike the square for PFP (icon).

The 1st season was a 100-piece NFT collection based on the theme of “Kimono x Cherry Blossom x Ponytail Woman” and was created as a membership certificate for “Creating a Wonderful Community for Peace”.

The 2nd season was an upgraded version of the 1st season, a 130-piece NFT collection based on the motif “Kimono x Cherry Blossom”.

The two pieces are not generative, but AI-generated single paintings.

The project aims to build a DAO centered on NFT holders, and its philosophy is to let participants vote on the direction of the project.

I have written it in a stiff manner, but the concept is to create a fun community by sharing your favorite works of art.


A series of mini-characters are also popular in the community and are given away as prizes in Discord, and are very popular because of their adorable nature.


🌸 SakuraKimonoGirls and Community 🌸

SakuraKimonoGirls is a community of NFT holders on Discord, known as SKG.

Our vision for the future is to collaborate with various projects to contribute to the world and give away cherry blossoms to various areas with the profits from the sales.

At the same time, we would like to create an organization that can give more incentives to participants who contribute.

We also hope to spread the Japanese culture of cherry blossoms and kimonos to the world, as per the work of NFT. And we would like to expand our activities on the Metaverse as well.

We have just started this project in December 2022, but we intend to expand it greatly in the future, so we hope you will keep an eye on it.

With your participation, we will do our best to make cherry blossoms bloom in as many areas as possible!

* Quotes from Discord and Twitter have been edited.


Mr. Seed started NFT in November 2022 and released SakuraKimonoGirls in December (see details in the 👆 concept).

Mr. Seed is well connected with AI creators and has worked on numerous collaboration projects.

The ideas and collaborations are excellent, and the projects are beneficial to the AI creators, and he has the ability to direct them.

His ability to organize 15 AI creators is remarkable.

He also has knowledge as a programmer, and is good at creating NFTs with added movement, such as “NFTs that switch images by updating metadata” and “NFTs that change pictures depending on the day of the week.

Seed @ Sakura Community

Many events are held daily on Discord, and participatory communities are formed, such as Lotto 3 and the Cherry Blossom Photo Contest.

With moderators (community administrators), even beginners can feel comfortable participating in this community.

Take a look 👇.


*You might get an interesting roll (community title) ✨😁.

🔁Updated (2023/06/08)

New SKG is now available! Up to 5 different pieces switch as you level up! SakuraKimonoGirlsSP is announced!

For more information! →…

・New OPENSEA Collection
・New WORK image added!


SakuraKimonoGirls Mini2 | OpenSea

The mini character is an upgraded version of SakuraKimonoGirls, based on the concept of “Kimono × Sakura” (kimono × cherry blossom).

SakuraKimonoGirls2 | OpenSea

Fighting maidens belonging to the military organization “Garden”.

SakuraKimonoGirls | OpenSea

“sakura_girl” is a 100-piece NFT collection based on the concept of “Kimono x Sakura x Ponytail”.