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Miao is a very popular AI creator with over 4000 followers on Twitter.

Miao said that although she liked drawing, she was not good at actually writing her own works. However, after encountering AI art, she started to create her own works of art.

Miao usually works as a company employee while creating AI art.

One such creator that Miao is particularly interested in is ZEN Zen (@ZEN_NFT0), another AI artist.

He enjoys watching soccer games.

It will be interesting to see what kind of works of art Miao will create in the future as he continues his creative activities in the field of AI art.

(From an interview with the NFT creator and collector himself)



Since October 2022, Miao has been creating AI ART and presenting her works on platforms such as Opensea and HEXA, etc. AI generated + processed works with effects, etc. are her signature.

The theme of his 1st collection “Swag Sensation Genesis : Miao” is “color x intuition”. The pink color is characteristic of Miao’s representative works. It is a cool and cute work.

The theme of the 2nd collection “Swag Sensation Second : Miao” is “Machine. It is a work that Miao completed by adding effects and other developments to the mechanical works that she had created as a hobby.

After that, he has been searching for his own style, and his latest work, “Miao Vivid STORY,” which he calls “the awakening of Miao,” is so cool that it could be used as a poster.

He also collaborates with the dance yosakoi team [Shinraku] and works to promote AI art and NFT by deepening exchanges with people from various genres.

She also cooperates with and introduces artists of the same genre and supports those who challenge AI and NFT.

She will continue to create works that express her unique world view and reach more and more people.



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